A Complete Marketplace for Converting BIM Content

1.Who We Are

Founded in September 2015, ConvertBIM™ is a knowledge management integrator that specializes in technology innovation providing advanced integration solutions for the building services industry in the field of building intelligence, analytics and big data solutions.

It is ConvertBIM’s mission to enhance the quality of building life through integrated solutions services. Under the “Connectivity” Strategy, ConvertBIM provides its flagship digital content services platform, known as ConvertBIM™, to meet the various needs of AEC users. Since its establishment, ConvertBIM™ has brought together millions of Internet BIM communities and users communicate with one another, opening wider window of opportunities to the internet BIM industry.

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is known as a process of designing a building collaboratively using one coherent system, and the whole idea for ConvertBIM™ is to offshore the generation of digital representation of physical and functional characters of places and leaves the designers with a peace of mind in the management of the data and information.

Supporting the backbone of ConvertBIM™ lays the concept of offshoring, perhaps a more correct term is distributed working. The difference between offshoring and outsourcing is that outsourcing refers to an organization contracting work out to a third party, while offshoring refers to getting work done in a different country, usually to leverage cost advantages and the vendor’s expertise. It’s a lot better to have expertise geographically separated than non-expertise next to you. Ultimately, users need to ensure they have the right expertise, they communicate well, they are accessible and accountable for the quality of their work.

ConvertBIM’s long term vision is to become the most respected online BIM enterprise. In order to pursue benefits for the business and for society, ConvertBIM started fulfilling corporate social responsibilities by actively participating in charity initiatives. We have manage to partner with The Association for the Deaf, and Prison Service across few countries where suitable inmates are given technical training programmes to equip them with relevant BIM skillsets to support on the works from ConvertBIM™. In addition, for every jobs coming in from the internet, 1% of the revenue goes into charity donation across the global published on website EncourageConvertBIM, as the name suggests and implies, the website focuses on encouraging and cares for the disadvantaged and help people in needs to build better lives and more durable futures.

2.Why Choose ConvertBIM™

ConvertBIM™ helps you:

  • Build a convenient Convert BIM Content marketplace platform

    • Focus on User Experience: Only with a few simple steps, buyers can choose a suitable provider to get things done. Browse – Buy – Done. It sounds simple, but is actually the result of countless hours of research for an optimized UX.
    • Easy to use: Buyers can easily find related services, order and monitor till everything’s completed. They can also discuss with sellers to add extra services to match their requirements.
    • High quality providers: ConvertBIM™ offers you beautifully-crafted profile page as well as monetizable tool to help sellers attract more buyers. No professional presentation skills needed.
    • Smooth transaction: Different payment methods and gateways are provided, from USA to EU to Asia.
    • Easy customization: ConvertBIM™ has a minimal and content-focused design to make it easier for further customization.
  • Create a safe & reliable micro job marketplace platform

    • Trustful reviews: Sellers get review only from Buyers who experience their services.
    • Service reputation: Buy and see the reputation of a Seller in order to find the best fit.
    • Easy order tracking:  We build interactive Conversation inbox and Dashboard so both Buyers and Sellers can easily track the status of each order.
    • Resolve any disputes: We build a dispute system that admin can arbitrate and make sure of the platform’s reliability.
  • Increase the performance of ConvertBIM™ platform

    • Fast: We test the performance of ConvertBIM™ with various hosting providers to make sure it’s blazing fast.
    • Secured: Our platform ensure our users are always protected with secure login and payment process.
    • Smooth: We optimize all interactive flows on site with clean CSS and HTML5 code so your users can have the best experience on your platform.
  • Contribute to the Society

    • For every job you upload to ConvertBIM™, you are helping disadvantaged, poor people in the developing world. This improves their health and achieve food security

3.How It Works – Browse – Buy – Done

  • Upload your drawings information

Send us any reference you have across various formats such as Images, 3D files, point-clouds file, sketches, videos etc. Follw by key your requirements in the information box to allow us in better understanding your needs.

  • Check

Once we have completed your work, check your BIM content. We are currently working with partners on integrating a BIM model server that comes with a Large Model Viewer. You may mark out any comments for revision, if any, and submit back if you have order cJob Extras in revision.

  • Get it complete

Pay through our safe and reliable system. And we will forward you the link to download your completed BIM files from people who love what they do.